I was born in what was then a medium to small-sized town named Bakersfield, in the Southern San Joquain Valley in California. Then, it was mostly an agricultural and oil town, and those two industries still define that city.

My father was a crop duster pilot and my mother was a superior court clerk (both of whom are now deceased). During the summer months, as I worked my way through college, I either worked for the crop dusting business my dad was part of or worked in the farm fields and potato sheds, 12 hours (at least) per day, 6 days a week. It was there I learned the value of hard work, hard earned money, and how to best utilize it - and also how to work with other people from different walks of life.

During my junior college years, I attended New Mexico Military Institute, where I learned how to both give respect and earn respect from others, as well as how to budget my time. My experience there was priceless. I finished my undergraduate work at the University of California, Riverside (California), which then was actually smaller than the high school I attended in Bakersfield, graduating in 1970. I attended law school at the University of Arizona, graduating in 1973, and have been a practicing attorney in Tucson since December of that year.

To this day, I carry with me the lessons learned from those work and school experiences, which I try and implement in my law practice. Whether a client of mine, or this firm, is a millionaire or a minimum wage earner makes no difference in the manner in which they are treated. I take each person as an equal human being that has the same right to breathe the air that I breathe and the same right as I to enjoy a beautiful sunset, mountain view, dinner, family experience, or whatever may come their way, as well as the same right to receive my best efforts in performing the legal work that I am hired to do.

I thoroughly enjoy what I do as an attorney, and my clients will always get great service and their calls returned quickly. I feel such joy when I know that I have done the best possible work that I can do for a client, and when the client knows that as well. There is nothing better than that experience.

I do need breaks from the rather hectic pace that I choose to keep, and both my wife and I enjoy nature. We love to hike and camp on the weekends whenever we are able, as well as kayak, mountain bike, and enjoy our beautiful National Park system. Getting close to nature grounds us both and, in my opinion, makes us more appreciative people and better workers at our respective professions.

To anyone that is reading this short biography, enjoy each day as if it was your last one, and paint it well for yourselves with joy and appreciation for life.